NOVI SAD 20-27. AUGUST 2017


DAY 4, AFTERNOON SESSION: Impressive Serbia, Russia and Greece reach quarterfinals, Great Britain holds off Slovakia

All quarterfinalists of the Women’s European Junior Water Polo Championship have been determined. The eighth finals saw only one narrow encounter, in which Great Britain edged out Slovakia, 8:7. Russia convincingly triumphed over France, 29:1, as well as did Greece over Israel, 16:2. Host Serbia defeated Bulgaria, 22:5.

Women’s national junior water polo team of Serbia recorded another convincing victory and will battle with the Netherlands for a place in the semifinals. Serbian ladies had a 2:0 lead already after two minutes of play, and in the middle of the first quarter the result was 3:2. Bulgaria was able to keep parity only until the end of that period, and Janja Kaplarevic increased her team’s lead to three (5:2) during the first minutes of the second quarter. Her teammates contributed as well, so Serbia went on a break with a five-goal advantage (9:4). The hosting team stepped on the gas afterwards and was constantly enlarging the difference. The top scorers were Lara Luka and Janja Kaplarevic with four goals, while Lolita Avdic, Nadja Novakovic and Hristina Ilic each added three. The most efficient Bulgaria’s player was Melanie Hristova who scored a pair.

Serbia – Bulgaria 22:5 (3:2, 6:2, 6:1, 7:0)

Russian ladies achieved a huge advantage in the first quarter netting eleven goals in five minutes and made it obvious who would be the winner. They continued playing with that same tempo until the end, constantly increasing the lead. The halftime result was 19:0, eight minutes later they went ahead 24:1, and eventually triumphed with 29:1. Yulia Lapteva led her team with six goals, and Kristina Korbut added five.

Russia – France 29:1 (11:0, 8:0, 5:1, 5:0)

The next game was far more exciting, and Great Britain accomplished a narrow 8:7 win against Slovakia. It was an equal duel in the first half, when British squad had the minimum advantage on three occasions. They went on a break with a 3:2 lead, and managed to achieve a four-goal advantage later on (6:2). This was preserved until the middle of the last quarter, when Slovakian squad quickly netted two goals and was down by two (8:6). Then they scored their seventh goal with a minute left on the clock, but Great Britain qualified for the quarterfinals. Anya Clapperton made the biggest contribution netting three goals. Slovakia’s Barbora Baranovicova scored three as well.

Slovakia – Great Britain 7:8 (1:2, 1:1, 2:4, 3:1)

Greece easily beat Israel, 16:2, and reached the quarterfinals. Greek girls were led by Ninou Eirini who scored three goals in the first half, which ended with their 8:1 lead. They kept a big advantage later on, and Eirini excelled again in the final minutes of the match. She ended up being the top scorer with six goals. Semon Hila Futorian was Israel’s only scorer.

Greece – Israel 16:2 (5:0, 3:1, 3:1, 5:0)

Day 4

13th – 16th

Czech Republic – Portugal 6:4 (1:1, 2:0, 2:1, 1:2)
Turkey – Romania 12:8 (4:2, 3:2, 4:3, 1:1)


Russia – France 29:1 (11:0, 8:0, 5:1, 5:0)
Slovakia – Great Britain 7:8 (1:2, 1:1, 2:4, 3:1)
Greece – Israel 16:2 (5:0, 3:1, 3:1, 5:0)
Serbia – Bulgaria 22:5 (3:2, 6:2, 6:1, 7:0)